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“BEST BAKERY EVER! - For years
my family has been going to
Elm street bakery and it never
disappoints! Each time someone
has a birthday in my family that
day we are allowed to pick our
favorite restaurant as well as a
cake from our favorite place, my
favorite is definitely this place
hands down!...


Ashley D. - 2/2/2013.

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Our Bakery Hours

Mon – Sat: 7:00am to 7:00pm
Sun: 7:00am – 5:00pm

Email:   info@elmstreetbakery.net

Our Address and Retail Store:

Elm St Bakery

173 Elm St
Everett, MA 02149

(617) 389-1403














































































































































Customer reviews...

Hear what our customers are saying...       

William E.
5.0 star rating 9/24/2013

Wonderful scali bread and figure 8 danish!
Very friendly staff...parking can be a little tough...but well worth the hassle.
The place smells like heaven.

Mari A.
4.0 star rating 1/22/2014
Love this place , even though their pastries just got smaller and the price went up as well ...took one star off for doing both at same time

Angela P.
5.0 star rating 5/22/2012
Best bakery !!!!! Must try it if in area or even special trip ,, try cheesecake ,,hell who my kidding it's all good ,, just got a slice of pizza !!!! Yum

Also order your birthday cakes ,if you bring in picture they can copy it and ready in as little as two days ., special occasion , custom cakes as well as holiday special orders , gingerbread houses available at Christmas , Easter are as well ,

Let's talk cookies they have the largest assortment of Italian cookies ,, and pastry cannoli's are like heaven. They also bake fresh bread and slice it while you wait !!!

So yummy!!! So yummy!!! So yummy!!!
Theirs so many goodies !! Theirs so many goodies !! Theirs so many goodies !!

Jodi B.
5.0 star rating 5/5/2009
I love Elm Street Bakery.
Why? Well, I could say it is the good prices, or the friendly service, or the fact that this place is an institution in Everett but, while all these things are true, the real reason I love Elm Street Bakery is because they serve the absolute best calzones in the entire world - hands down. Have I eaten every calzone ever prepared in the world? Well, no, but the notion of a better calzone existing is unlikely, especially if we're talking about chicken or eggplant ptarmigan calzone.

These things are like big socks of love. Their chicken is tender and delicious and the way the cheese and the sauce are absorbed into the fluffly, bready goodness is enough to make me weep. The eggplant is breaded and meaty. The dough to filling ratio is perfection in and of itself and the fact that I can get a honking calzone that could easily serve four as a main meal for $8.00 - only adds another twinkle to my eye as I ponder Elm Street Bakery's claim on my affections.

I have also enjoyed their pastry on more than one occassion and found them to be very good but there are few things that wouldn't pale in comparison to their calzones. I suggest you save your calories for another slice of chicken, or eggplant or meatball or cold cut or broccoli or . . . . . .

Tracy B.
4.0 star rating 2/24/2012
So after reading reviews here I decided the other day to stop in... Now I have lived in Everett all my life & the fam goes to Elm Street for everything, But I guess I just never thought about going just because...

So I stopped in & right away was smiling - the smell is soo nice!

I had to wait a while to place my order, the man in front of me was getting 12 of everything they make (seriously - I was like OK dude, really...) and the other woman working was on the phone taking a large order... but it was good, it gave me time to look around & also after hearing him pick things, I learned names for things I never knew...

So it was finally my turn & I knew I was going to get cupcakes, some HUGE M&M Cookies... a few little things from the Fridge section...

So being the non pastry expert I felt kinda dumb asking, "Whats that & Whats this", but the woman helping me was the cutest, kindest little thing... She gave me some advice, told me what everything was... She was the greatest & didnt make me feel as if I was a pain and by this time there was a long line behind me!

All my little goodies only cost me $13 ... and this begins a beautiful friendship! I want to go back & try more things, Im def gonna get some Calzones & cannolis next time...

But for this trip we got Eclairs (Have loved forever) and they werent the best I have ever had but they were pretty good... Cream Puffs - OMG.. I LOVE Cream Puffs and these ones were absolutely delightful - the fresh cream was soo sweet & perfect! Will DEF get again!

Chocolate Mousse, German Chocolate and Oreo Chocolate cake squares - they were all tasty & good...

The cupcakes were good, I just dont love icing, I would rather cream cheese frosting not Icinig, thats just my preference!

Cant wait to go back & try more!
Cupcakes! Cupcakes! Cupcakes!

Barbara L.
5.0 star rating 4/23/2012
Don't know how I haven't reviewed this place yet.First of all I'd imagine inside of Elm Street is what heaven would smell like. They have a wide selection even though it's a small bakery. They are very affordable. In terms of customer service they are awesome, even in the afternoon when most of the staff are teenagers the customer service is still on point. I think this bakery is worth going out of your way for.

I may be bias as my family has been going there for years. We get all of our pies there for Thanksgiving, we also love ordering a cheesecake topped with assortment of fruits for other events. I also go every once in a while and get half a dozen of their mini cakes. My favorites are their mini red velvet cake which is rich and moist with awesome frosting, their strawberry cheesecake which has the just the right amount of tart to go with their simple and fresh strawberry on top, the carrot cake again the cream cheese frosting is perfect, the moistness of the cake perfect! I also love their cupcakes.

PS: I also get their calzones and pizza, I will admit I don't like it as much as their bread and pastry's but it tends to be simple and hearty and good.

Blake G.
5.0 star rating 4/1/2012
Wonderful Italian neighborhood bakery around the corner from a hockey rink where my son's team had several games this year. I always explore the neighborhoods around such rinks in the hour before each game while my son's team gets ready. I discovered this place while doing that, and lots more in this interesting area. Get out of your car and walk around. It's worth it.

Elm Street Bakery is full of luscious treats. I wanted to buy one of everything! Every neighborhood should have a place like this, but unfortunately this is the only place like this I know within an hour of my house.

Kelly C.
5.0 star rating 8/22/2012
I was so happy to find this little bakery, however my waistline wasn't! I went in to grad some lobster tails for my husbands birthday and walked out with a huge box of things. They have everything displayed and it all looks so delicious! There are so many more things I need to go back and try. I can't wait until my nxt trip!

Ashley D.
5.0 star rating 2/2/2013

For years my family has been going to Elm street bakery and it never disappoints! Each time someone has a birthday in my family that day we are allowed to pick our favorite restaurant as well as a cake from our favorite place, my favorite is definitely this place hands down!

Every pastry is delicious from their cakes to canolis another one of my all time favorites is their delicious butter Italian cookies! To die for!!!!!!!!


Tunes T.
5.0 star rating 4/3/2011
This is one of the places that I will miss most about living in Mass. I absolutely adore this bakery. The price is insanely low for the quality and variety they offer. it's low period. Everything is worth trying, everything i've tried was delicious. I love their cheesecake, moist, creamy and the sweetness is just right. I love the individual choices, the red velvet cupcake, chocolate cake, their chocolate dipped strawberries are to die for, tiramisu, strawberry cheesecake. I love the people working there, they are so sweet, so helpful and so friendly. This will be the first place i visit if i ever go back to boston again.
parking is available in the back of the store,,, don't risk parking in front for a ticket, the cops do patrol quite often. although the two times i did that, the store clerk was so sweet, she offered to watch for them while i make my selections inside.
this is an absolutely delicious friendliest bakery you'll ever go to. I recommend this place to all my friends and colleagues for any occasions. Wish they would start up an internet business and ship out of state. I would be the first in line to put in the order.

Stacie L.
4.0 star rating 6/17/2011
Amazing pastries! Overwhelming selection! No line


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